Should Washington State Raise its Minimum Wage?

Its a controversial question, with lots of arguments on both sides. But that doesn't mean both sides are right.

Basic economics, backed up by decades of research, shows that raising the minimum wage is not only ineffective at helping the working poor, but is actually counterproductive.

If you want to learn about the arguments, review the research for yourself or see the effects of Washington's already high state minimum wage, you've come to the right place.


It's a little too soon to draw any sweeping conclusions about Seattle's $15 minimum wage law.

Under the “$15 Now” banner, Socialist grassroots activists in Tacoma this spring gathered enough signatures to send a proposition to Tacoma voters this November that would create a $15 minimum wage for nearly all businesses in the city beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Despite lofty intentions, the minimum wage debate remains a highly politicized issue. Research is routinely misquoted, ignored or conducted so as to achieve a pre-determined result. There is no better example than the argument made by minimum wage advocates that raising an arbitrary government minimum wage will stimulate the local economy.

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